Different examples of bodyweight training and good health

To achieve mind-body connection before we go into different examples of bodyweight training.

One of my New Year's resolutions was to get in better shape. While that may sound lofty, I was determined to attain a new physical state. I did this by following the guidance of health experts and nutritionists, as well as running and cycling for over 10 years. It was also the year that I began experiencing severe back pain and had to stop running completely.

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After doing quite a bit of research into the benefits of physical fitness, I became more aware that my overall health was directly connected with my eating habits. In fact, in one article, the authors made the statement that physical activity, diet and proper sleep were the three most important factors to promoting good health. This is why, when I saw the results of the “Fantastic Food” test, I had hope that improving my health was going to allow me to increase my fitness capabilities. After completing that test, there were a couple of really positive effects. On a general level, the diet and exercise were both the best that I’ve ever undertaken. While I did have some residual fatigue, I felt as if I was getting better and better every day. Unfortunately, when I went to the doctor, he told me that I did pretty much everything that he suggested.


But since I didn’t have any severe health issues prior to taking this test, I figured that my results were a fluke. After looking at my results from year one, I was feeling rather smug about my body-weight training progress. It took me a few years, however, to actually see the benefit that I was getting. During this time, I began to notice that my results were slightly slower than I expected. And while that is to be expected, I never saw the same results that I noticed in year one. This was an obvious “fitness hangover” of sorts and became my wake up call. My body-weight training results were much slower and much less impressive than my bike racing results. To be very honest, when I first started this program, my motivation was quite high. After all, I had been training for a year. After all, I had been pretty successful with my bike racing efforts so I also wanted to check out skipping rope.