Welcome to MTJ


"MTJ" is a blog of MovableType (MT) and MTOS (Movable Type Open Source) 's information.

MT and MTOS (hereinafter called "MTs") was developed by Six Apart, a US company.

However they are now used especially in Japan by Google insights stats.

I'm a Japanese web developer and using MTs frequently.
One day, I happen to find that a variety of tips of MTs were available only in Japan and most of them were only written in Japanese.

So I would like to introduce them in English.

Because I'm a Japanese and now learning English, my English often would be hard to read. Please tell me if you find Typos or misspelling words.

The goals of this blog are;

1:Introducing tips and how-to techniques of MT and MTOS, such as template settings and plugins.

2:Brushing up my English communication skill.

3:Interacting with all of Movable Type users in the world.